The Wedding

The Wedding
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Not all forms of love find Institutional acceptance. But that does not diminish their reality.

These two men are brilliant achievers and happily married by now. They encountered many successes through their forty+ years together. The blond man is Cuban American, the dark-haired man is Mexican. They met all those years ago in Mexico City.

One of Mexican man’s cousins had a short affair with a man who happened to be
engaged to another woman, unbeknownst to her. After he was gone, she found herself pregnant. Upon the insistence of the cousin and his partner in life, she kept the pregnancy,
and the Cuban partner became the legal father of the newborn baby girl. The mother with the baby lived with the couple.

Unfortunately, the mother passed away in her early fifties. Their daughter graduated as a medical doctor and has met the love of her life.

They were getting married and the two fathers were giving her away. As they walked in, the priest looked shocked. That did not go unnoticed by the Bride..however, the priest recovered, and the wedding proceeded.