First Date

First Date
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We all remember our First Date, but it’s a Story behind the Story that often makes the difference.

At the age of fourteen, she felt bitter about her unfortunate circumstances.

She was picked up from the orphanage by her father who did not know she was a girl. When his two other daughters were returned to him, he married a woman for the wrong reason. Finally at, at this age, she found a place of work which provided room and board for one year. She was leaving her father’s loveless home. Coincidentally, because of her sister’s coat which she got to wear for a few hours, she met this guy at the dance. He offers to accompany her. She accepts the offer, but on the way home, when he put his arm over her shoulder, she got scared, thinking
he was going to steal her sister’s new, very expensive coat. In the end, he asked her for a date, and sound romantic song. Her heart melted with feelings for him.